A & D Leisure Terms and Conditions

1. The hirer will be responsible for the safety of the inflatable/equipment and the people on it.

2. The hirer will be liable for any damage to our equipment and will be asked to pay in full the cost of any damage / repair.

3. The equipment / inflatable must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

4. All boisterous behaviour to be stopped straight away,

5. No more than 10 to 12 children to be on any inflatable at any one time,children and adults dont mix if you have a mixture let the children on first then the adults,this will stop any accidents ie banging of heads together,nosebleeds.

6. Do not allow anyone to sit on the sides ,hang,swing or climb from the walls of the castles.

7. All shoes,jewellery,bracelets,necklaces,buckles,pens,glasses,and hearing aids,or any sharp objects must be removed before entering any of our castles,these could cause injury or damage to our equipment,remember safety is our no1 Priority.

8. No food or Drink to be taken onto our equipment / castles.

9. No persons on medication or anyone who is pregnant should not be allowed onto our equipment / castles

10. The inflatables are not to be used by adults unless the castle we have delivered is a specific adult castle.

11. The equipment / castles are not to be used in very windy conditions.

12. The inflatable is not to be used in the rain unless raincovers have been fitted.

13. Should the equipment fail for any reason at all,all children must be removed immediately to prevent any injury or damage to the equipment,if this happens you must contact A & D Leisure straight away,we will send our engineer out or replace our castle / blower.

14. No person should interfere with any of our equipment / castles / petrol blowers, unless autherised by  A & D Leisure.

15. The inflatable should not be moved by anyone,once the castle has been erected in the designated position unless authorised by A & D Leisure.

16. The castles are not to be used in slippery conditions.

17. No persons to use any of our equipment under the influence of alcohol.

18. A & D Leisure carry full public liability insurance but it is your responsibility to look after and supervise your children at all times.

19. A & D Leisure takes no responsibility for any injury whatsoever on this equipment.

20. The hirer must be over the age of 18 and will be held fully liable for any damage / loss of our equipment,and may be asked to re - emberse in full the cost of damage.

21. Silly String or Confetti should not be used on or near the equipment.

22.Please warn children of the tie down points and make the area behind the inflatable where the electric  blower is sited,out of bounds for children.

23.Ensure all electrical connections,extension leads,plugs and sockets,as well as the blower itself,are adequately protected from rain or water ingress.

24. The inflatable must be returned in an acceptable condition,ie clean,unsoiled and undamaged,if it is badly soiled or damaged the hirer will be expected to pay an additional charge to cover the cleaning costs and our loss of earnings if the inflatable is rendered out of commision for any reason.

25. The instructions printed on this form are there to help your children have a fun time,and ensure their safety,please read and follow the safety and rental/ hire guidelines / instructions listed,use your own common sense and have a great time!.