All our equipment conforms to British Safety Standards and meet the flame-retardent requirements of BS5438/BS5308.

All units come complete with RCD circuit breakers and waterproof plugs.

All our Bouncy castles have been triple stictched with reinforced beds for extra safety.

All units come as standard with Steel anchor points,groundsheets, crash mats,electric blowers,(petrol blowers if needed),balast bags for indoor use.

All our staff are fully trained

All electrical equipment carries a current portable appliance test certificate ( pat test ).

All our castles are clean and well maintained ,we hope that people will respect this and not abuse the equipment that they have hired,thinking about the next person that hires the castle / equipment.

All equipment is fully insured for people up to the age of 14 years,any person over that age is not permitted to use the equipment / castle unless this equipment is suitable for adults.

Adult supervision is a must when hiring any of our equipment,a responsible adult over the age of 18 must supervise at all times.statistics show that incidents mostly occur when use of the equipment is unsupervised.

Iflatables installed/hired by a licenced premise must be in a fenced off ,glass free area,deflated and securely stored when not in use,supervised at all times by an adult ( 18rs) employee of the licenced premises at all times.

Ensure there is a adequate first aid equipment available before using equipment.

Do not allow children to sit,swing,or climb the inflatable walls.

No smoking or fires to be near equipment,.

No food or drink to be allowed on the equipment / castles.

No shoes,glasses,jewellery,buckles,keyrings,metal studded clothing,pets,toys,or other sharp instruments or any other similar items wich could cause injury to others or damage to our equipment  are allowed on the apparatus.

Do not relocate the inflatable ,it has been positioned in a location that has been assesed for risks by our personnel staff,if you want the equipment moving contact A D Leisure Hire.