1. Do you have Public Liability Insurance !.- Yes we have public liability insurance to the sum of 1 Million with a reputable insurer covering any accidents caused by equipment failure or incorrect installation,please note that the hirer is responsible for the correct use of the inflatable during the hire period.

2 . Does the price include free delivery !.    -  Yes, delivery is included in the price however a small charge will take place if deliveries mean us travelling a fair distance from our base.

3 .Are you members of BIHA ( British Inflatable Hirers Association ) ! .  Yes we are.

4 . Do we need to prepare the site in anyway !. - The answer is Yes?, Please ensure that the site is totally free / clear,ie garden furniture, ornaments, large stones, all sharp objects, if we feel the site is not suitable we will not set up the inflatable for safety reasons.

5 . Will you set up anywhere !. -  Providing we have enough access to the property,we will try to set up where you would like us to,please note we do need a side entrance or a large passage way through the house ( at least three foot ) if we are to set up in the back garden,please make sure you allow some room around the outside of the inflatable for access.

6 .How much room is required for a Bouncy Castle ! .  - The childrens castles are various sizes,a  castle 12ft x 12ft  would require an extra 2ft either side of the inflatable and approximately 3-4 feet at the front of the castle to provide easy access for entering the castle.

7 . What is the maximum age for the childrens castles ?.  - Firstly, for childrens castles we recommend 12ft x 12 xft wich is suitable for up to 8 to 12 children at any one time under the age of 13 years,wich is the maximum age,the adult castles are suitable for all ages.

8 .How long does it take to inflate / set up a castle !. -- As long as we have clear access to the garden / setting up area, it would take us approximately 15 to 20 minutes and of course the same to dismantle wich again we would need clear access.

9 . Can we keep the castle / inflatable overnight !.  - Yes.

10 . How long do we have the Castle for?.  -  As you can appreciate delivery days can be rather busy,everyone wants the equipment at the same time,we will work out the most efficient route when delivering our fleet of inflatables,however if you have a specific time in mind we will always do our best to adhere to this.

11 . What is the cost to run a Bouncy Castle,Will my electric bill be massive !. -  Strange as it may sound,but the cost to you for running a Bouncy Castle is less than a 1.00 a day.

12 . Do A D Leisure Hire provide a cancellation policy!. -  It is purely down to the weather conditions on the day,you can notify us before 9am on the day that you no longer wish to hire the inflatable,you are then free to cancel the booking at no charge,if for any other reason you decide to cancel the booking please give us as much notice as possible to give us the opportunity to re-hire the inflatable to another party.

13 . How do we pay !.  - You can pay cash or cheque on the day of delivery, All cheques made payable to A D Leisure.